Future about Magento CMS

Future about Magento CMS

Magento is a well-known platform for eCommerce development. It is updated, owned and managed by Adobe since 2018. With a lot of features that directly lead to results, there are great chances for transformation, if integrated into the business systems. There has been a clear impact in the world of E-commerce by the Magento CMS. With the current trend of finding a better-equipped solution, Magento has been the strongest platform for delivering a great online business. But, how far its features are secure? How potential it is in comparison to emerging eCommerce platforms? Will it answer the concerns of vendors as well as developers? How about the future of this Magento CMS?

The Impact

The impact this tool has created is huge, in the sector of eCommerce. With multiple ingenious features, mobile-friendly themes, it has provided everything to ensure an exceptional experience for the customer. It has offered widely useful tools like upsells, cross-sells that can convert the customer to make more number purchases. This results in the development of a web portal in a B2B and calls for a vendor investment, which can generate improved revenue and sales.

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Research has done recently shows, all the businesses that incorporated this Magento CMS have earned 40% additional revenue in comparison to their competitors. That is because of the high-end features as well as the scalability Magento has provided to the vendors for driving more customer comeback.

The Future of Magento development 

  • Artificial Intelligence

The way a customer is interacting with the websites of Ecommerce has largely changed with AI. It has helped the vendors to understand the pulse of the customer and change the features accordingly. For instance, in an online grocery store, the AI is developed to comprehend a customers choice and suggest the products respectively. It identifies the traces left like, viewed products, added to cart products, purchased products and create a personalized suggestion for the products. Another familiar implementation of Artificial Intelligence is the very famous chatbots. This has helped customers find immediate solutions to their concerns. Going further, Magento is continuously working to adapt a better AI version for a more extensive customer experience for the year 2021 and even beyond.

  • Accelerating Web Apps

With Magento CMS integration to the cloud experience, there has been a humongous chance for the platforms of eCommerce to reach a new level. Developers are working largely to make PWA or the Progressive Web Apps and provide them to the customer of Magento through the studio of PWA. This helps vendors to create the online store experience just like an app. Thereby providing a boost to conversion rates. In the coming years, how healthy revenue is generated by the online stores is going to increase dramatically.

  • Voice Commerce

Research has shown that the number of users of smart speakers has doubled in 2021 than the previous years. It indicates how vendors should integrate this into their E-commerce websites. Very shortly the usage is going to increase rapidly. Enjoy enhanced ROI by considering voice commerce into the online stores, as a strategy. Prepare your website for incorporating voice search. Manage the search content to meet the voice queries. Allow a smooth engagement to buy a product. Make navigation on the site or app by using voice.

  • Advanced Security

Reading a lot about the security issues of the Magento might be concerning. But, truly speaking, the Magento 2 development is the most secured platforms to invest in for the eCommerce industry. It is created with multiple inventive features to prevent any types of attacks on particular locations. It helps in Umask implementation thereby restricting the access. Clickjacking attacks can be avoided by providing X-frame options of the HTTP header. Magento developers are solving every possible issue that can create a path for hackers, by regular updates of security systems and patches. There has been a progressive improvement in this aspect by far, and in future, it is going to enhance further.

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  • Market Share

The market share of Magento has increased drastically from 9% to 13% in the years 2019 to 2020. While there can be many reasons for this, the significant one being acquired by Adobe. Magento has taken a prominent role in making the E-commerce platforms a transitional one for many brands and startup businesses. Soon it is going to be the top platform in the CMS E-commerce pushing away all those competitors.


The ups and downs are very common for any type of CMS and Magento is no exclusion for this. But, it is creating a stronger journey to stay longer in the industry. There has been huge user support for this platform with a visible bright future, despite stronger contenders. Let us wait for its interesting game, that changes scenarios of future E-commerce websites. Have you integrated your business with the Magento CMS yet?

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