Laravel And Its Important Features- A Guide

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks for web application development. Since its releasing time, this framework is continuing to grab the attention of front-end developers. The main reason behind Laravel’s popularity is its rapid development capacities. Apart from that, it also works as a robust framework for developing applications swiftly. With the MVC or Model-View-Controller architecture pattern, Laravel has reformed front-end development profoundly. And this pattern offers a simple and undisturbed approach to work on big projects. So, the advancement of the PHP development framework, which comes along with Laravel allows you to focus on the codes and makes it easy for anyone to work on different projects. Now let’s have a look at the features of Laravel, which makes it superior to other PHP frameworks and which makes the developers use it more.

Features and Services

It offers an innovative template design

The Laravel framework is well known for the inbuilt lightweight templates that are used to develop great layouts with some dynamic content seeding. It also offers some essential widgets that integrate JS and CSS code by using robust structures. The templates of Laravel are smartly designed to develop both composite and straightforward layouts with sections, which can ease the efforts of developers.

It offers an authorization technique for coding

Both authentication and authorization are the two most important features when anyone generates codes for building applications. This feature also evaluates the time that the programmers take to develop something new. Laravel also includes a logic technique, which helps to control admittance to various resources and reforms authorization logic. With the validation computer code integrated into Laravel, the total amount of coding time can be trimmed down to an effective extent. The application reasoning feature also offers liberty and flexibility to the coders to flexibly work on different sizes of software.

The MVC architecture of this framework offers support through in-built functions

Laravel supports the MVC architecture patterns that ensure to separate essential business logic and presentation layers. This pattern of Laravel comes with numerous inbuilt functions, it boosts the security level along with the scalability for the developers and enhances the performance of the application.

It offers strong application security

One of the best Laravel features is the security function. This framework offers strong and advanced web application security. And these security features efficiently use salted and hashed password mechanisms so that the password doesn’t get saved in plain text form into the database of the user.

It offers Eloquent Object Relational Mapping and Implementation

Laravel offers ORM or Eloquent Object Relational Mapping that incorporates uncomplicated PHP Active Record Implementation. This functionality allows web application developers to compose database queries by using PHP syntax rather than writing SQL codes. ORM is also quicker than earlier PHP frameworks. Besides, it applies the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” to create encrypted passwords. And Laravel also uses SQL statements, which safeguards SQL injection attacks.

It enables modular functionalities and libraries

Laravel assists the developers through pre-installed Modular and Object-Oriented libraries that can’t be accessed in many other PHP frameworks. For example, the authentication library is easy to implement and includes multiple functions. Some of these functions are password reset, checking active users, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection and encryption, Bcrypt hashing, etc. And this framework is also separated into some individual units that adopt the advanced principles of PHP while allowing modular and responsive web app development.

It includes Artisan Tool For Automating Programming Tasks

Laravel comes with an in-built command-line tool, popularly known as Artisan that helps in automating repetitive and tedious programming tasks. The artisan tool is also helpful in developing the skeleton code and database structure. It applies to handling migration jobs. This makes it very simple to manage different types of database systems. The artisan tool can also generate original MVC files through command lines and it deals with the assets with the configurations. And it helps the developers to generate the commands and use them as required. 

It offers effortless and competitive unit testing

Laravel is one of the best frameworks for web application developers as it facilitates the features of unit testing easily and effectively. It is also competent in operating many unit tests to ensure that the new alterations performed by the programmer don’t happen without warning break the available web application. In an ideal space, the web applications based on Laravel are skilled in steady releases as this is aware of identified failures. And it also makes the situation effortless for the developers to compose unit tests.

It facilitates Database Migration System through PHP codes

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It comes with useful tutorials to the developers

Popularly known as Laracasts, the tutorial of Laravel offers a great and genuine source of learning to both experienced and beginner developers. So, whether you look for a paid service or free video tutorial, you would learn the ways to use Laravel effectively. The learning instructions in Laravel are clear, spot-on, and easy to understand. And this can create and reproduce training materials while making this technology framework easy to learn.

So, these are the features of Laravel, which make it ideal across the community of developers and have been very useful to the users. And through the classic architecture, Laravel is making new followers among the developers. So, over time, it has become an open playground for developers of different genres to develop their own set of functionalities for different projects.