Highend Magento solutions for an affordable price

Do you need someone that can help you out to make the right choices, then just ping us and we can work it out. E.g. upgrade websites, increase conversion, custom modules, technical seo or complete a project? We offer various support services with a specialist in every field. * stated rates are exclusive of VAT.

We have 3 type of Magento developers.

Based on your needs you can select the right Magento developer.
When you have no idea what to select tell us your problem/task and we will assign the right Magento developer

Junior Magento Developer

/ Per Hour
  • 1-3 years experience, can handle simple things like adding shipping cost, change CMS pages, Simple development tasks. Knowledge simple Magento 1 & 2 settings and configurations. Always guided by Senior Developers

Medior Magento Developer

/ Per Hour
  • 3-7 years Magento expercience. Works completely independently. Does have knowledge about all comom magento fucntions and development task. Is able to upgrade sites and extensions, work om templates and design. Fully skilled for the needs you require!

Senior Magento Developer

/ Per Hour
  • A Senior Magento 1 & 2 Senior Developer have 10+ years experience. They have a solution for the most difficult projects or most complicated modules. API, Magento Speed, Highend requirements will be no problem. Interested? Contact us about the possibilities.