Latest Trends Of WordPress Development In 2021

When it comes to web development, WordPress successfully dominates other major content management systems, powering almost 35% of the top websites of this world. For expert web development, WordPress has gained great popularity as one of the most favored CMS for developing different types of websites. And with the progress of the latest trends and technologies of web development, WordPress follows the most updated trends. Besides, this CMS system comes with many advanced attributes and functionalities. As the world keeps on changing, so are the trends of WordPress development. And here are the latest trends of WordPress development that you must keep your eye on.Then it is just nice that you can go to a specialist for an affordable rate (not € 75.00 or higher). Someone who can help you with your problems just a little bit further. Without your starting capital immediately going to an expensive programmer. And you can get started within a few days (and in most cases even faster).

Features and Services

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Video backgrounds

Although including videos to the websites is not anything new, using headers and video backgrounds works as one of the most important trends of WordPress development in 2021. And by using eye-catching videos and visuals on the website, you can make the website more appealing while boosting user engagement.

Module-based themes

These are one of the most popular WordPress themes used in 2021. These themes successfully merge every knowledge domain into some modules pertinent to real-world business organizational leadership. It also allows us to call for functions according to time and need.


These are great inventions, which help to establish seamless communication with human users. Besides, it also works as an easy mode of communication between human beings and machines by recognizing voice or text-based queries from users and responding to them immediately. Apart from ERP and CRM integration, these days more and more businesses are considering chatbot integration with custom WordPress development services to offer fast and efficient customer support. Besides, the integration of chatbots also helps business owners efficiently resolve the issues of customers.

Minimalistic themes

These themes help to get smooth navigation with a wide range of flat graphics and white space. And this trend is going to be a norm in the future as it emphasizes both mobile friendliness and great usability.

Multipurpose themes

These themes allow the users to design websites with many features, which are essential for websites. The multipurpose themes cover a wide amass of websites and this is the reason why these themes are now reaching heights of popularity.

Drag and drop website builders

With the introduction of drag and drop widgets, sidebar layouts have now become the things of the history. And the drag-and-drop widgets are also making their mark on the latest techniques of web development. Because of the ease of use, these widgets are getting popularity for their ability to create bespoke websites without technical skills. It also frees you from the use of regular website format so that you can create more flexible layouts.

  • Better user experience
  • Faster loading time
  • Higher security
  • More flexibility

Virtual Reality

These days, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are at their peak as they offer the best user experience to people by offering them a real-time experience. In the present scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual reality has become very helpful for people to take a better look at things. And this trend is going to survive even when the situation will become normal.

Progressive Web Apps or PWA

All of us browse services or products online, but sometimes, for some reason, we find it tough to download apps. In those cases, PWA or Progressive Web Apps can perform like native apps without downloading. Here are the main benefits of PWA apps:

3D contents

As VR is still out of budget for most businesses and audiences, the 3D contents work as an effective yet cheaper alternative, which is now gaining the attention of more and more people. 3D content is also becoming a great choice for most companies as they help to create an attractive and great impression on the customers.

White space

White space has gained immense popularity in the past few years and it will also be one of the biggest trends in the future. Adding white spaces to the webpages effectively highlights the web content, which keeps the web visitors engaging. Besides, by using white spaces, you can make the websites look uncluttered, offer an appealing look to the website, and increase user engagement to convert the visitors into prospective clients.

Motion effects animations

Adding animations in the website design offers the users a better entertainment experience. It is also mainstreaming on WordPress for 2021 since the signs of a trend appearing on the announced motion effects that include mouse animation plugins and scrolling. And this effect will also make the websites more attractive.

Increased accessibility

Life is not the same every day and for everyone. Many domains like medical, education are now using the tech-innovation power. And this trend will grow in the upcoming years to offer great access to digital content. Besides, the implementation of voice search technology allows the users for great access.

Artificial Intelligence or AI

This is another most awaited technology in 2021 and now the majority of the WordPress developers suggest the businesses add AI for increasing conversion. AI also helps to analyze the user behavior while helping to offer personalized solutions on the website. The popular AI WordPress plugins are Akismet, WordLift, and Quttera, etc. Artificial intelligence also helps you to retarget and make the customer revisit your eCommerce website by using personalized discounts and offers. As a result, you can get better insights into eCommerce website sales.

Oversized typography

Typography works as a great design tool. Both font size and style can make the contents more attractive. With the help of typography, you can highlight content as well as can add animations

So, this is a glimpse of the latest trends of WordPress development in 2021, which can help you to develop the websites while motivating the customers to visit your website. But one thing you must remember that it is necessary to be updated with the latest trends and technologies, which allow promising growth.