Importing your Products into Magento 1 or Magento 2, how do you do that?

You have various options for importing into Magento. You can use the standard Magento import function, but it is usually not very fast and efficient. However, if it is a one-time import, it is definitely worth trying.

The Magento import naturally offers you many advantages. Especially the convenience of quickly getting a large assortment on the site. If you have to do this manually, you will lose many times more time and therefore money. So investing in a product import is ALWAYS a good idea!

To import a feed

You have other options to import a feed (daily or weekly). The basis is of course that the feed is good, the more information in the feed, the better the product information on the site. The basis is therefore a good feed. These usually come from the suppliers. Unfortunately, these do not always have this information in order. Therefore, look for a good supplier who has good product feed. This saves you a lot of time, annoyance and ultimately a lot more sales.

Automatically import

The feed and the options to automatically import everything

Category structure and feed

If you ultimately have a good feed, it is important that you also know what you want to import. Some suppliers have so many products and categories that it is not always wise to use everything. In addition, the supplier often has the purchase price in a feed, so you also have to increase it by a% to make a profit. If you have a different category structure on your site than the supplier has, you will have to map it. So in it you tell the import function that the supplier category should put the products in your category.

Import Variation

If a supplier provides other fields such as a color, brand or size, this is of course an extra addition to your site. This can always be included with an import. You can of course, if there are sizes, colors or other selection options, import a configurable product with the simple products below. This allows you to create a well-organized site. It is important that this means what the relationship is between the SKU (products) themselves so that this is shown properly.

Magento SEO Striped

Another point of attention is that the supplier provides texts. If you want to do SEO for your site, it is wise to think about this carefully. The reason is that Google can see that it is not unique content and that is not really appreciated by Google. In many cases it is of course already difficult to rewrite all products. Especially with large feeds and products that change relatively quickly (no longer available or other causes)

Are there the images

Finally, there are the images, the most important element of a webshop. The better the images, the more images, the sooner a consumer will make a purchase. Pay attention when making a choice of supplier. Creating your own images is a costly business. Suppliers make most images available for free. If the images are available on a server provided by the supplier, they can be retrieved from there. If you have a very large feed or catalog, it is advisable to look at CDN (Content Delivery Network). Then the images are placed on an external server and they are loaded faster, which benefits the speed of the webshop

Updates from suppliers

Finally, it is possible to do an interim import of the stock, prices and whether products are available. It depends on how quickly a supplier updates this, so that you refresh it as often as the supplier does. This import is separate from the complete import because it is unwise to keep importing everything that has not changed every time.

In short, with a good and complete import you can quickly, often and completely place a product range on your webshop.