WooCommerce- Its Popular Features And Its Future

WooCommerce is the WordPress plugin, which is often used to develop eCommerce stores with ease. And now it has converted into a content management system from the conventional paradigm of being a blogging platform. This makes it one of the best choices for powering websites. It can be perceived easily that WordPress as the operating system is transformed into full-fledged online stores with the help of the WooCommerce plugin. And now it has become the most popular shopping cart system in this world with the record of powering almost 32% of eCommerce websites. And the best thing about WooCommerce is that it is free and open-source. And with this free plugin, it is easy for eCommerce business owners to create shops and start selling online instantly.

Reasons to choose WooCommerce for your online store:

There are many eCommerce plugins that you can select from, so why should you go for WooCommerce? The answer to this question is that WordPress offers business owners unparalleled flexibility, compatibility, and ease of ease. Here are the main reasons to select WooCommerce for your online store:

Pricing of WooCommerce

When a retailer chooses a platform, the price works as a major factor. The eCommerce platforms often range from free to several thousand dollars every year. So, the first reason to consider WooCommerce is that it is free to use. WooCommerce is also competitive with the best enterprise eCommerce applications, but as it is free, the businesses or entrepreneurs can enjoy its abilities without committing to the expensive proprietary software licenses or support contracts.

WooCommerce comes with a vibrant developer community

WordPress and WooCommerce are both open source. And this means here the retailers are free to add or change the core features, create custom themes, or develop new extensions. For the less popular eCommerce applications, it often becomes tough to find developers to do the job and if you can find developers, they are often pricey to hire. But in the case of WooCommerce, here the retailers can benefit from a large pool of WooCommerce professionals and developers. So, even if you decide to change your WooCommerce store, it will not be hard for you to find somebody to perform the job for you.

WooCommerce is modular

To understand the details of WooCommerce, it is important to examine the modular framework. Like WordPress, WooCommerce comes with a wide range of rich features that the user can extend with the inclusion of plugins. The retailers, who use WooCommerce can benefit twice from the modularity. The modular system helps to cultivate the developers’ community, who build extensions for adding some particular functionality, which is not possible with monolithic applications. With the help of the right plugins, setting up the right WooCommerce stores can be the right eCommerce platform for the retailers. These plugins also expand their functionalities in terms of payments, shipping, and how products are dealt with, etc.

WooCommerce is used to sell everything

Often users ask “what is WooCommerce?” And the answer is that it is the perfect medium to sell anything. WooCommerce is highly flexible. So, if you like to sell anything, WooCommerce can help you with it. It includes digital products, physical products, appointments, subscriptions, and more. So, whether you want to sell a wide range of physical products or a single product, WooCommerce is the Swiss Army Knife of eCommerce applications.

WooCommerce comes with powerful analytics

If you want to know how WooCommerce works, then the answer is through analytics. One of the main advantages of WooCommerce is inbuilt analytics as to the more you will know about the customers and the manner they interact with the store and the products. WooCommerce also offers a wide range of analytics displayed in an intuitive and clear interface. Besides, it is also straightforward to integrate WooCommerce with some external analytics services like Google Analytics with extensions.

WooCommerce is fast

Both WooCommerce and WordPress offer a responsive and fast eCommerce experience for online stores of different sizes. And this is beneficial. It is also possible to speed up the WooCommerce store by blending it with performance-optimized WooCommerce hosting, which is engineered specifically to maximize the performance. Although standard web hosting can also support WooCommerce, it never offers highly optimized network environments and MySQL and PHP servers for enjoying a low-latency and responsive eCommerce experience.

WooCommerce offers a world-class content management system

As you can expect from the eCommerce application depending on the most popular CMS system of this world, WooCommerce is not a slouch when it comes to content. Content is a vital part of eCommerce marketing, search engine optimization, and sales optimization. WordPress and WooCommerce together can offer a wide range of content management options including landing pages, blogging, product descriptions, and email marketing. Apart from that, the WooCommerce compatible SEO plugins like Yoast WooCommerce SEO, which make it simple for the retailers to optimize the content for search.

WooCommerce grows with the businesses

When it comes to selecting an eCommerce application, it is better to think about the future of your business. You may have started a small venture now, but over time it will grow. So, it is important to consider an application that would support your busy store without imposing any complexity. Choosing WooCommerce is beneficial as it supports small, medium, and big stores. And as the functionality of your online store increases, the WooCommerce website also grows to accommodate hundreds of shoppers from a handful of people.

What is the future of WooCommerce?

Compared to other eCommerce plugins of WordPress, WooCommerce enjoys almost 93% share, which is just huge. WooCommerce now sells around 700 extensions and the number is growing. And this proves that the graph is growing upwards without any record of slowing down.

So, here are the main benefits of WooCommerce: