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Need a good, fast and affordable professional Magento 1 & 2 help service?

We start at €29.50 excl. VAT per hour

Problems With Your Magento 1 or 2 Web Store You Can’t Get Out Of Yourself? Does Your Current Website Builder Not Have The Right Knowledge To Solve Magento Problems Quickly And Skillfully? Then Magentorepair.com offers a solution. We help you quickly, affordably and professionally.


If the Magento need is essential, just come to us! Our programs each have a number of skills in Magento systems.

Best Magento Team

Our Magento team has solved thousands of technical problems after more than 11 years and has built up a wealth of experience.

help desk to solve problems

Our service helpdesk offers assistance with problems. Magentorepair is the expert with extensive expertise in Magento support and support. Our programmers are certified senior Magento developers. The helpdesk offers webshop owners, for example, customization options and assistance with project completion.

Magento customized webshop package

As an extra service, we have currently developed and put together a package to make your webshop many times faster. By means of a number of adjustments to the server and your Magento webshop, we can reduce your loading time by up to 90%.

Magento is not a playground

Magento is not a playground. Errors can lead to serious problems in the system! If you cannot find a solution or if you want professional help, we are here for you!

We wanted a new multishop with various countries and languages. We had this one built by another, but there was quite a lack of optimization and the dots on the I. Magerepair tackled this quickly and well. Full maintenance and hosting is now also with them.
Johanan Herson
Product manager
We had problems with our Magento 2 webshop and getting it online properly so that everything ran stable. MageRepair got everything up and running within a few days and we have been running satisfactorily for over a year now. They hosted the hosting themselves, which saved more than 2 seconds in the loading time.
Louis Motorrad
UX Designer

Below are the many service options



  • Magento Plugins
  • Magento Modules
  • Installation Magento
  • Magento Multistore
  • Magento Design
  • Mailchimp Magento
  • Magento Inventory Management


  • Magento one page Checkout
  • Magento Webshop development
  • Magento Update
  • Magento Customization
  • Create Magento Template
  • Magento Widgets


  •  Magento Slider
  • Magento PHP
  • Magento Skins
  • Magento Multi language
  • Magento Performance
  • Magento Backup
  • Magento Import
  • Magento SSL


  •  Paypal Magento
  • Magento Setup
  • E-Commerce Software Magento
  • Magento CSS
  • Magento Upgrading
  • Magento speed

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