What if you have a Magento webshop, but no help

You know, you started a Magento webshop and you have it well done. Neatly installed, VAT set, language even worked out well and your first products and categories are already included. But then you run into some problems. You do not receive the shipping costs correctly, your order confirmations do not go out or the payment module does not work. Then it is just nice that you can go to a specialist for an affordable rate (not € 75.00 or higher). Someone who can help you with your problems just a little bit further. Without your starting capital immediately going to an expensive programmer. And you can get started within a few days (and in most cases even faster).

Magento 1 & 2 Help

We have Magento 1 & 2 certified programmers

We have Magento 1 & 2 certified programmers. Our boys (and girls) have seen almost every problem. And if not, the challenge is only greater and they are ready for a fast and professional solution. With the years of experience they have, it never takes longer than necessary, so your shop is online faster and works so that you can finally start selling the products you believe in.

8 web shops run with 300,000

We ourselves have 8 web shops running with 300,000 products that are updated fully automatically and where everything is automated as much as possible. From product import to orders (some with dropshipping) at the supplier. Up to automatic email systems and automatic updates to customers. We are therefore happy to assist you in tackling your problem and devising and making a good and affordable solution.

Magento webshop a challenge

If you already have a running webshop, but you run into things that could be done differently and / or better, you can of course also contact us. For us, every Magento webshop is a challenge. Do you want to have a special function built or do you need advice. Please let us know.

We are going to view the webshop

Do you need a second opinion about an adjustment to your webshop, or simply because you are not sure what your current website builder has made? Even then you can of course just contact us. We will examine the changes as objectively as possible and try to give you a complete picture of the works and any code.

White label partner option

If you develop web shops yourself and you cannot find it out or you simply do not have enough time, you can also contact us. Take a look at our white label partner page for the possibilities. We will not disappoint you and with more than 550+ Magento webshops on the counter, you have a solid partner at your side with the right knowledge.

MageRepair is a trade name of Jevy Web Development / Jevy WebShops and has been around since 2011