Become a Magento 'white label' partner?

Are you considering offering Magento as an internet or media agency, but you do not have the specialist knowledge? No problem, we carry out your Magento work on assignment without your customer noticing.

Magentorepair works for various agencies as a regular Magento partner. This includes the delivery of Magento web stores, the design, the technical implementation and support. Whatever support you want, you choose which aspects we take care of for you. You do business with us. We do not maintain direct contact with your customers without your consent. You can of course count on fast delivery times and competitive rates.

What are the benefits of a Magento 'White Label' partnership?

  •  The most affordable professional Magento webshop builder in the Netherlands.
  • Low hourly rates (from € 29.50 excluding VAT).
  • Magento customization.
  • Fast loading times. ‘affordable’ Magento hosting.
  • Effective and to the point. Fast response time. 24/7 support.

There are now hundreds of Magento webshops, delivered to the customer through one of our partners.

After your contact e-mail has been received, we will contact you to coordinate the wishes and possibilities.