Speed ​​in your Magento webshop

Magento webshop and the speed is always a discussion. The fact is that speed is essential for your webshop.

The more speed in your webshop, the sooner a conversion will take place. Patience is a virtue, but not when shopping on the net. Various studies have shown that the speed of a webshop does have an influence on conversions. Here one even speaks of a conversion increase of 7% per second time gain. So calculate what you can gain in turnover / conversions.

To step

So now the question is how you can get that super fast webshop. For this you have to look at a few things.


Firstly, the hardware (server on which your webshop runs). If you use a hoster, it will be able to place your webshop in various packages. People often opt for the cheapest package, which is nice and cheap (they think), but nothing is more true.

More speed

This means more speed and therefore more orders. Besides the fact whether you have a VPS or your own server, it is of course also important to check whether they have sufficient memory and capacity.

Shared and own server

A shared hosting package means that you are multiple on 1 server and use the same hardware. If there are many web shops on 1 server, they all use the same memory, which means that your site will also be slower. If you have your own server or VPS you will of course not be bothered by this and all the memory is intended for you.

Complete configuration

Actually it is like a car. A Ferrari will be faster than a Skoda. So make sure that if you are going to rent your own server that you know what capacity it has. So not only hard disk space but also look at the cores, the memory and not unimportantly the complete configuration.


The best server, misconfigured, will still cause a loss of speed and performance. So here it also applies that it is important that this is done properly.


The configuration is how the server is set up with which control and optimization of the system. This may mean that one Magento webshop has a different configuration than another Magento webshop. Think of whether a webshop has many products and imports them or whether they always remain the same.

Magento Version

Then there is the Magento system itself. Do you use Magento 1 or do you already have Magento 2? However, the basis for both is that a template must be optimized if you want to have a fast webshop. The structure, JavaScript, HTML and CSS are considered. All in all, a 100% perfect optimization ensures the fastest webshop and therefore the highest conversion.

Marketing plan

So you can have a fantastic marketing plan and strategy, if your webshop is not fast, the visitor clicks on that one cross in the top right of which we all want this to happen after the conversion.

Extensive report with points that we know will lead to more speed

This is what should be the basis. All right but still no speed? Then contact us and we can see what and where there is still a lot to gain in speed. We make an extensive report with points that we know will lead to more speed. The costs are e € 75.00 excluding VAT.

The basic things to start with are to look at the following points:

  • Is je index up to date
  • Is your cache on?
  • Are you using FPC (FullPageCache)
  • Mimify okay?
  • Everything bundled?
  • Flat catalog turned on?


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