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These days, having an eCommerce website is not enough for your business. So, we put in an additional effort to create Magento websites that perform well and successfully convert. And this is the thing that makes us a one-stop solution for your Magento eCommerce business requirements to enhance user experience while focusing on lead generation to grow the businesses.

Services We Cover

New feature enhancements

We develop new functionality and features to ensure that your store evolves and makes progress with the marketing programs of your company.

General maintenance

With services like security patch updates, bug fixes, and routine updates to make sure that your shop/store is always open for trading.

Magento Migrations

We offer a Magento data migration service that allows migrating your website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 with a hassle-free and smooth implementation process.

Magento support

Whether you want to improve your Magento site through a new theme or module creation or want multi-site or multilingual support, we can assist.

Update your Magento website now to drive sales!

Updating your Magento website to the latest version ensures steady operation and a positive user experience. So, whether you need to customize your eCommerce site to give it a facelift or want to upgrade the complete website, our team of expert Magento developers is here to help. Starting from customer management, product management, inventory management, order management to marketing and promotions, you name it, we do it.

Why you should switch to Magento?

Magento is open source

Being an open-source platform, Magento 2 is continually upgraded and customizable for offering protection against new security vulnerabilities. Besides, being the largest community of developers for the eCommerce platform, the Magento community develops extensions, offers feedbacks for improvements, solves complex issues, etc.

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Magento enables business growth

Incremental ongoing costs work as a big challenge for other eCommerce platforms. But Magento allows you to add as many features as you want, which may need the development work upfront without any ongoing costs. And there is no revenue share model.

Magento helps you to go global

Magento allows you to manage multiple stores and websites with a single login. So, if you plan global expansion, you can create multiple store views with Magento with multilingual support. You will also be able to create efficiencies for all orders with one place and the central database of products.

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Magento enables varnish cache

Magento 2 websites allow developers to leverage the varnish cache, which is a super-fast caching technology. It creates an accurate copy of what is returned to the user once someone hits your website for the first time. It also uses that data to serve the website 300-1000 times faster on their next visit.

The key to success is to automate.

How can we help businesses and entrepreneurs?

If you are searching for a robust platform for managing the supply chain and supporting your business, you can do it from the back-end of your Magento website and we can help you with it. With Magento development services, we can support multi-store management, inventory management, accounting systems, etc. Apart from that, we also offer the tools necessary for serving and maintaining the customers.

How can we help wholesalers?

Magento offers you the eCommerce facilities that you need without having to display your rates. It allows you to create quote request platforms for a more personalized package for each client. And we help you to develop customized layers for the distributors and retailers through the Magento development service, which includes functions where certain customers can purchase or view.

Why choose us?

11+ years

We are Magento fanatics from the beginning almost 12 years ago

Top Support

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Magento 1 & 2

We have highend developers with lot knowledge in Magento 1 & 2.

We work with an experienced team of developers

At Magento Repair, we operate with a team of expert Magento developers, who have the potential of managing and developing top-notch Magento websites and other solutions like plugin and theme development.

We offer full customer support

Whether you face any issue with your Magento website or want any support from us for your website, our technical support team is available 24*7 to troubleshoot your needs.

We use the latest technology

We only use the latest technologies for developing and managing Magento websites for our clients. So, the websites we develop follow the latest market standards and serves your requirements perfectly.

We maintain complete transparency

When working on the clients projects, we maintain full transparency with them to grow the bond stronger. We keep them informed about every detail of the project by sending weekly reports.

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